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Man with a Van Liverpool

Man with a Van Liverpool

The easiest way to save time and money on your move - compare over 1000 Man and Van companies instantly

The easiest way to save time and money on your move - compare over 1000 Man and Van companies instantly

Compare over 1000 Man and Van companies instantly...

Compare over 1000 Man and Van companies instantly...

Removals Van

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How We Make Your Liverpool Move An Easy One

Find My Man and Van Liverpool is a comparison service for Liverpool Man with a Van and Liverpool Removal Companies - our aim is to find you the best price for your Liverpool move in just a few clicks.

Get the best Liverpool man and van prices instantly

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Save time and money

Instant Liverpool man with a van quotes online
Our easy to use quote system gives Liverpool man and van prices in minutes

Book your removal securely online
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We arrange the move with your driver
Any size house move, anywhere in Liverpool

By using our online quote system you can compare the best prices from Liverpool man with a van companies and make your booking securely online in a few minutes, no more hunting around for the best Man and Van deal!

Once you've booked, our team will manage your booking right up until the day of the move; taking care of letting the driver know all the move details and any changes you need to make. If your selected service provider does not have availability, don't worry - we will do the hard work and find a replacement for you at the same quality and price!

With handy moving tips and advice, we are also here to support you throughout the moving process, including everything from packing for the moving day to moving home with pets.

Moving to Liverpool with Find My Man and Van


I've never been very organised. Sitting in the house on the day I'm supposed to be moving out and all the boxes are still only half packed. There's my collection of Liverpool FC memorabilia in the corner, including my signed photo of legend Steven Gerard. A god among mere mortals, if ever there was one. There's half-filled boxes and stuff all over the floor.

I hate the idea of moving and I know I should get up and make the effort. Instead, I open a tinny and settle down on the couch to watch Liverpool versus Man City. There's plenty of time left to pack, after all. The match is just about to kick off anyway and it's an important one – win this and we're up to second in the table behind those southern so-and-so's Chelsea.

Karius makes a stunning save in the first few minutes and it looks like the boys are going to take a bit of pressure in the opening skirmishes. Joey Gomez nearly brings down a city player inside the box but the ref (bless his soul) decides it's just outside. Aguero steps up and fires in a curling shot towards the top left corner. Karius stretches and nicks it with his fingertips.

By the twentieth minute, by which I'm on my second beer, the boys are starting to push forward and get their own chance on goal, a shot just wide from James Milner. Things are pretty tense so there's no way I'm going to finish packing right now. The first half ends 0-0 by which time I'm on my third beer and need something to eat. I do make a little effort and pack a few books into a box.

Sheyi Ojo comes on in the middle of the second half which has by then turned into a cagey game of cat and mouse without much in the way of chances. He makes an immediate impact, pulled down for a free kick ten yards outside the box. Milner floats in a cross, Nat Clyne gets on the end of it and punches the ball into the net.

The game gets messy but the boys hang on, despite 6 minutes of extra time that sees Man City shooting wide. I watch a bit of the post-match babble and then drift off. Sleep is always a little better when we've won. It's much better than packing anyway.

A blaring horn wakes me up with a start. Doritos and beer go flying and I jump up. I've got to move out! Taking a look out the window, I'm surprised to see the Liverpool team bus parked outside. Next thing I know, there's a knock at the door.

Opening up, hero and god, Stevie Gerard is stood there in all his glory. "Alright Stan, heard you needed some help."

He's wearing his kit, even the boots. "Alright Stevie, thought you'd retired?"

"Just keeping my hand in Stan. You all packed?"

He looks past me at the mess that's in the living room, Dorito's scattered across the floor and all. "Was watching the match." I explain.

"We'll get it sorted," says Gerard and shouts for the lads to come up. Football studs pound on the driveway and the team file in like they're heading out onto the pitch. Jordan Henderson gives me a high five and Sturridge laughs: "Bit of work to do here, lads."

There are now 10 of Liverpool's finest standing in the living room. It appears that Divock Origi is a dab hand at packing up plates and other kitchen utensils. He and Ben Woodburn set to work like demons, carefully folding plates in paper and loading them into a box. Loris Karius is whistling away and taking down my Liverpool memorabilia. "Great save today," I tell him. "Anyone want a tinny?"

The boys grunt their approval and I head to the fridge and get the rest of my supply of cans. We take a break and talk about past matches, laughing and joking. Nat Clyne talks me through his second half header and Gomez says it's a surprise he got his nut on it after the night out they had during the week.

Beers finished, the team start loading up my stuff onto the Liverpool bus, squeezing boxes in between the seats and shoving my bigger furniture into the storage space below, which seems to be bigger than my house. I lock up the house, push the keys through the letter box and climb on board. Jurgen Klopp is sitting talking tactics with Buvac but takes the time to say hello and ask what I thought about the game. As the bus fires up and starts heading out onto Smithdown Road for the city centre, Gerard does his party piece of balancing a ball on his nose. You can tell he misses playing with the squad.

Apparently, this is one of the biggest buses in the world and despite my entire worldly possessions stacked between the seats, we have more than enough room for a game of keepie uppie. Everything's going fine until Klavan mistimes a kick and it catches me straight on the bonce.

As you might expect after a footie match and a few beers, I wake up. First of all, I look around for my new mates. Then I realise everything is still in a mess and I've been having a snooze. The tele is still on and Klopp is telling a reporter what he thinks of the match. My initial response is to try and get back to sleep and see what the boys are up to. When that fails, I realise I've got to pack up my stuff and move out.

There's no way I'm doing it all on my own. I have a search on the internet and look for a man and van in Liverpool to give me a hand - lo and behold I come across and have my Liverpool Man and Van booked in a jiffy. The driver's here in next to no time and we start packing my stuff into his van – it takes a couple of hours but finally I'm in my new home and settling in. The man and van service may not have been the entire Liverpool football team but he does a good job and has a friendly smile. He even looks a little like my mate Stevie Gerard!


Comparing Man and Van Prices in Liverpool?

Liverpool remains a popular spot to consider when you are moving house as the city offers a great balance of rich history, varied job opportunities, a reasonable cost of living and plenty to see and do. The city is also near the coast, the countryside and other regional hotspots such as Manchester. So, is it the place for you?

Where to move using your Man with a Van Liverpool Area Service

Just as there are lots of different styles of housing available in Liverpool, there are also richly diverse areas of the city. They include:

  • Aigburth - family friend areas with great parks and near the river, good nightlife and shopping areas
  • Allerton - good schools, public transport links to the city centre and close to the motorways
  • Cressington Park - lots of large, detached villas from the 19th century, traditional architecture
  • Lark Lane - popular with younger people, lots of independents shops, restaurants and bars
  • Tuebrook - popular with students as just need a man and van Liverpool service to move from halls, only a quick walk into city centre
  • Woolton - southern edge of the city, village-like area with good links to the airport

Whichever of these Liverpool destinations you choose Find My and Van can supply you with the best man and van Liverpool area deals you'll find, so use our instant quote system to book your move today!

If you are looking for the best cheap man and van hire Liverpool services you can find them with us in under 1 minute!

Our free, simple online quote system will ask you a few easy questions to do with your house move and then give you the best man with a van Liverpool area hire prices. You can then choose the one you want and book securely online with a small deposit. You'll find booking your Man and Van Hire in Liverpool quick and easy with us, so make your house move a stress-free experience with Find My Man and Van!

We have dozens of Man with a Van Liverpool area companies partnered with us, all of which are professional house movers, fully insured and properly equipped to get your stuff from A to B safely and at a price you want.


Liverpool Cultural life

There’s no doubt that one of the reasons so many people love the city of Liverpool is the diverse cultural life. While The Beatles are the most famous musical exports from the city, there are many other musicians and groups that have come from the area and there are still many places to hear live music.

"Liverpool has always made me brave, choice-wise. It was never a city that criticised anyone for taking a chance." - Author: David Morrissey

Liverpool also has the greatest number of art galleries and museums outside London with the Albert Dock being the largest attraction, housing the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Tate Liverpool gallery. There is also the Playhouse and the Royal Court among the theatres offering a range of shows to enjoy.

Liverpool Jobs market

The varied nature of the jobs market is another reason why the city is popular. Once dominated by the nautical industry, the landscape of jobs had changed in recent decades and greatly diversified. Currently, public administration, the financial sector and health care are the dominant industries in the city, accounting for around 60% of jobs. Several big international companies are also based there including JP Morgan and Barclays.

The city is also popular for small and medium-sized enterprises of all kinds. This ranges from the ‘man with a van Liverpool area’ style service through to IT and marketing companies, consultancies and many other business services.

Liverpool in a Sentence

Liverpool remains a busy and varied city that offers something for all tastes from families to young professionals, retired couples and students. The many areas of the city each have their own personality and the jobs market is both healthy and varied.


Driver Dans Moving House Tip for Friday

Update Your Addresses

Amongst the myriad things to think about when moving house this one is up there with the most important. Most of the people you'll need to notify about your lovely new dwelling are fairly obvious - gas, electric, post office but some are slightly less so. To help you we have compiled a Change of Address Checklist that you can use to make sure everyone knows about your home move.