Man and Van FAQ

Find answers to the most common man and van hire questions asked on Find My Man and Van. If yours is not here then please drop us a message through our contact page and we will be happy to answer.

You will receive an email and text message confirming your booking and giving a link to the full details. You may bookmark this link and refer to it at any time. Once the driver has confirmed acceptance you will be notified again. You will also receive an email/text reminder the day before your job, this will contain your drivers name and contact number.

In the unlikely event your van is late you should contact the driver. If the driver is unavailable or the van does not turn up please call us on 0333 123 0240. In the event of a driver being unable to attend a job, Find My Man will refund the deposit made for the booking.

Once the booking has been placed with us, Find My Man and Van are responsible for allocating a driver at the assigned time and date. All drivers reigstered with us are self-employed contractors who operate their own vehicles and the contract for the bookings fulfillment lies sole between you the customer and the driver allocated to the booking as stated in section 4 of our Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to these terms you agree that the extent of any liability of Find My Man and Van for non-fulfilment of the contract is limited to the amount of the depsoit and that any additional liability lies with the allocated driver.

Yes, your driver can provide you with a receipt if requested.

No, the quotes given do not include VAT.

The level of cover varies from driver to driver. It is very important that you accurately assess the total value of the goods you wish to be transported. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the value of goods to be transported is covered by the drivers Goods in Transit insurance, please contact your driver to confirm this before work is undertaken.

Find My Man and Van will always do their best to supply you with the driver you have selected in this quote. Due to the nature of the man and van industry it may sometimes be necessary (due to availability, breakdown and the like) to supply you with another driver. Should this occur we will endeavour to find a suitable replacement where possible, or refund your deposit in full if we are unable to do so. Should we substitute a driver your quote price will still stand and the replacement driver will be registered with the site and adhere to the same standards of insurance and professionalism as all our drivers.

A cancellation can be made by calling us on 0333 123 0240 during working hours (9am to 8pm) at least 48 hours before the booked service. Any cancellations received less than 48 hours before the date and time of the booked service will incur a loss of your deposit.

We require deposits for all bookings. This is due to the fact that our drivers are in demand for multiple Jobs each day and we need to ensure that your driver cannot be sent on another job after they have been scheduled.

To prevent loss of business for our drivers due to short-term cancellations it is necessary for us to charge a deposit for the job in advance.

We do have a refund policy in place and this is detailed above and in our Terms and Conditions.

Yes, we use Stripe and PayPal to securely process card payments and no card details are stored by us.

It may be possible to make a detour during your journey depending on your drivers schedule for that day. Any extra time and mileage will be charged at the drivers rates and be payable to the driver at the end of the job, please discuss this with your driver before the work commences.

It may be possible to make a detour during your journey depending on your drivers schedule for that day. Any extra time and mileage will be charged at the drivers rates and be payable to the driver at the end of the job, please discuss this with your driver before the work commences.

This may be possible, you must confirm with your driver if you wish to do so.

All goods to be transported must be securely packed and ready to transport. Parking must be available and adequate loading/unloading access must be provided as specified in the Terms and Conditions.

Charging for the job begins when your driver has parked and contacted you, charging ends once all goods have been unloaded at the destination.

Either yourself or an agreed agent will need to be present at pickup and destination during loading and unloading.

No, our minimum hire time is 1.5 hours, the quotes given will be for at least this duration.

The stairs, lifts or doorways must be adequate for free movement of the goods without mechanical equipment or structural alteration. The approach, road or driveway must be suitable for the driver’s vehicle(s) and/or containers to load and/or unload within 10 metres of the doorway of the location for collection and/or delivery. If these conditions are not met the job may incur additional costs or be subject to cancellation by the driver with forfeiture of any deposit paid.

Our quotes cover the cost of the work as specified by the customer to estimated loading and driving timescales. Additional costs may be incurred if (for example) the amount of goods to be transported is greater than specified, there is insufficient access (as detailed above), the loading and/or driving takes longer than estimated (due weather, traffic etc). These examples do not cover the full catalogue of possible additional charges and you should consult your driver on the day if these, or any other, charges are incurred.

No, the quotes are based on driving mileage and we do not specify a route for the driver or take into account where they will park. If there are additional costs due to parking, ferry, congestion charge, toll charges or other route charges your driver will make you aware of these and they will be payable directly to the driver upon job completion.

In the event that any of your items are damaged in transit, it is the assigned driver’s responsibility to compensate you for the agreed cost of the damage to your item(s), please contact them directly with details of your loss/damage. All assigned drivers will have goods in transit insurance and therefore shall be able to reimburse you for any damages.

You may contact us through our contact page, by email, or call us on 0333 123 0240 during working hours (9am to 6pm)