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Moving Home to Kensington London

Kensington is a beautiful borough, rich in history and charm. It is one of the most popular parts of London to visit and unfortunately it is also one of the most expensive parts to live too. However, that said, if you find that the property prices, be it rental or purchasing, are within your affordability, then it is a wonderful place to live. 

So, what makes Kensington a great place to live? 


It is beautiful

Now, we know that you might not choose somewhere to live simply because it is beautiful. But this has to be one of the main draws of living in Kensington. The streets are lined with beautiful buildings which are not only packed full of charm but history too. The streets themselves are picturesque too, with trees lining them, and everything has a clean and fresh feel. 

You can spend time outside

When many people think about London, they don’t always think of large outdoor spaces that you can waste a day in. However, in Kensington there are some amazing spaces that you can visit. One of the most popular has to be Kensington Gardens. So much so that millions of people visit there every single year. Despite this, it still never feels packed or that you won’t find a space. You can simply enjoy a walk through the woodlands, the flowerbeds and the gardens as a whole. 


Education is great in the area

There are plenty of families who decide to live in Kensington. One reason for this is education, There are several schools in the area, both primary and secondary, most of which require a private application process. There are a number of considerations to take into account when applying for these schools in Kensington, so much sure that you look into this before you move into the area. 

You will feel great

Saying that you live in Kensington has a pretty great feel to it. If you can afford the rent or the price of buying a property in the area then you will be able to know that you live in a prestigious area, one that is well known throughout the rest of the London Boroughs. 

There are so many reasons to live in Kensington that it really should come up on your list of possible London boroughs to move to. Whether it is because you are looking for first-rate school for your children, looking to invest your money into a stunning property or perhaps just to say that you live in Kensington, there are so many reasons for you to call Kensington your home and to be proud of it. 


Driver Dans Moving House Tip for Saturday

Use Professional Packing Supplies

Whilst it may be tempting to nip down to the supermarket and purloin a few boxes for your move this may well become a cause for regret when your beloved possessions make a bid for freedom by bursting from their cardboard wrappings during the van load. Pre-used and grocery boxes may not have the stamina for a house move and they certainly won't stack easily. If you have any quantity of stuff more than a few odds and ends you will find the investment in proper, new packing boxes to be well worthwhile as they will protect your goods, stack properly before and after the move and be easier to label. Bubble wrap and strong tape are another couple of items that you will find are best source from a professional packing supplier.