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Driver Dans Moving House Tip for Saturday

Use Professional Packing Supplies

Whilst it may be tempting to nip down to the supermarket and purloin a few boxes for your move this may well become a cause for regret when your beloved possessions make a bid for freedom by bursting from their cardboard wrappings during the van load. Pre-used and grocery boxes may not have the stamina for a house move and they certainly won't stack easily. If you have any quantity of stuff more than a few odds and ends you will find the investment in proper, new packing boxes to be well worthwhile as they will protect your goods, stack properly before and after the move and be easier to label. Bubble wrap and strong tape are another couple of items that you will find are best source from a professional packing supplier.

Moving to Central London with Find My Man and Van

London is a great place to live, to work and to raise a family. However, the only trouble with moving to London is picking which area that you want to call your home. One area that you can consider is Central London. 

As you can assume, Central London is one of the innermost parts of the city and therefore there is plenty that makes Central London a great place to live, not just visit. 

So, what are some of the highlights of this particular part of the capital?

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There is always plenty to see and do

It comes as little surprise that one of the best parts of moving to Central London is that there are plenty of things to see and do. With the West End, Covent Garden and South Bank just some of the boroughs within Central London, there are bars, restaurants and tourist hotspots a plenty that you can spend some time in. Ideal if you don’t want to sit at home of an evening, or you are moving with a family and need some things to keep you entertained. 

It is easy to get around

One of the best parts of living in London is that it is incredibly easy to get around. Public transport has become one of the things that London has become famous for and within Central London you are met with plenty of choice. Of course, the most common has to be the tube, and there are plenty of stations in the area. If you do want to take an over ground approach then the bus network is a great option too. You also have the boats that will help you to get around on the water. Of course, you can even choose to get around using the rent a cycle’s that are available street side throughout Central London.  

man with a van Central London photograph

There are plenty of work opportunities

A reason that many people move to London is because of work. There are so many different career opportunities within London that no matter what type of industry you want to work in, no matter what career you are looking for, chances are that you are going to find it in Central London. 

House prices are expensive but they are plentiful

If you are planning on moving to London then you are probably already going to be aware that it will be expensive to live there. Central London is no different. Of course, there are some parts of Central London that can be a little cheaper than others (stay away from Westminster and the West End), but one of the best things about living in Central London is that you can find affordable places to live, you just need to take your time to look. 

Living in Central London can sometimes seem like a bit of a pipe dream, however, for so many people it becomes a reality. Whether that is for work, for fun or perhaps to study, we can promise you that living in Central London will make sure that you never run out of things to do. 

man & van Central London photograph

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