Why Hire A Removal Company - Questions and Answers

Why Hire A Removal Company - Questions and Answers

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Friday 22nd April, 2022

There are many reasons why you might consider hiring a removal company. With moving house being one of the most stressful experiences people can go through, especially over a long distance, it can be tempting to do it yourself. However, there are many risks that come from moving your possessions from one property to another, even with the help of friends and family. You will also be wasting valuable time. Moving house is extremely time-consuming!

A removal company will do the hard work for you, lifting heavy items in a safe and efficient way so you can relieve some of the stress on you. Moving is a stressful time and we could all do without that stress.

This guide details the benefits of hiring a removal company and the things you should look out for.

Is It Worth It?

Whilst it seems you can save money doing it yourself, this is usually a false economy. By the time you’ve managed to hire a van and book time off work, you may not find it as financially viable.

Hiring a professional removal company may even save you money in the long run. Whilst you may damage your possessions or injure yourself, removal companies have insurance to cover them for these eventualities and move your belongings safely.

If you are moving from a large property, to hire a removal company is definitely advisable. They can help move heavy items or bulky furniture and know how to move your specialist and fragile items to avoid them getting damaged, there's more than just bubble wrap and cardboard boxes!

What Can I Expect?

Many house removal companies offer a packing service. Some offer it as part of their general service whilst others offer it as an additional extra, with some providing packing materials. A packing service is definitely worth taking advantage of as they will pack your items carefully and efficiently before loading them onto their vehicles.

What is offered will depend on the removal company you are using but services often include:

  • Packing and unpacking of possessions
  • Storage solutions
  • Assembling and dismantling furniture
  • Instrument and fine art packing and moving

A number of factors affect the costs of moving, hiring the van is just one of the moving expenses. These include how big your move is, the size of the removal van needed, the distance between the two properties and whichever extra services you feel are necessary.

Don’t be afraid to ask your removal firm for advice. If you are unsure if they will help you with an aspect of your move, don’t hesitate to enquire. Most companies will do their best to tailor your move specifically to you and your requirements.

How Do I Choose A Removal Company?

You should research removal services in your area and make a list of a few to obtain quotes from. You should look for reviews from other movers – if the professional movers have bad reviews, you will want to avoid them. They should have plenty of experience and highly trained and qualified staff. Find My Man and Van displays Trustpilot reviews beside every quote so you can compare not only removal prices but also reviews in one easy step.

A reputable moving company will hold insurance. They should have both Goods In Transit and Public Liability insurances to cover your belongings and their staff. You are within your rights to ask what insurance they hold and how much is covered. A good company will be more than happy to answer your questions. All Find My Man and Van removal companies have goods in transit insurance to cover your items.

You will also want to ensure the quotes you are given are accurate. Ask them about additional services and ask if there are any hidden fees that can be expected on the day. You may be able to sign a waiver that stops you from being liable for fees on moving day caused by circumstances outside of your control. At Find My Man and Van, we clearly list the quoted price and any over0run rate. If there are additional charges such as ULEZ or Congestion, these are also shown.

If they offer additional services, this may also factor into your decision.

How Far In Advance Should I Obtain Quotes?

You should start comparing quotes at least 4-6 weeks before your moving date. However if you can obtain them before this, that is advisable, especially if moving during peak seasons. You should know what day you want to move – if you want to move on a Friday or during certain times of year, these will be busier for these companies and require earlier booking.

The removal company will ask a number of questions to arrange the move. This should be a quick process but the earlier you can compare a removal quote, the better. You will be able to find a cost effective solution for your move.

What Advantages Are There To Hiring A Removal Company?

There are plenty of advantages. Not only will you have peace of mind, but you will also save yourself so much time. Moving without the help of a removal company will be a long and arduous moving process.

They also arrive fully equipped to ensure your possessions do not get damaged and are secured perfectly during the move. You can be assured your items are fully insured from damage and can just focus on getting to your new home and starting afresh. Your items will arrive safely and securely.

Moving house with a removal companies help is a great way to save time, money, and stress.