A Guide To Office Removals In London

A Guide To Office Removals In London

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Wednesday 13th April, 2022

When moving to a new office space, it often means that your company has outgrown their previous space and needs something bigger. A new office space offers room for more employees, more room for office furniture, more meeting rooms for clients and maybe even a cheaper rent per month. However an office moving process can be extremely stressful for all involved and is very different from moving house.

It isn’t simply a matter of moving from your old office space to a new office space. An office needs to be running effectively and efficiently at all times and it is important that the move doesn’t jeopardise this. The last thing the company needs is unhappy clients and business downtime. Business relocations happen all the time so clients will be understanding if you let them know.

An office move is something that needs to be well organised from the outset. Many managers will plan ahead and have their employees helping them with some of the tasks. This might include packing up essential items. Other office managers will arrange for their employees to work from home to avoid any interruptions to the business schedule. It is important that you are well organised to ensure peace of mind for all.

An experienced London removal company will be able to help with any office removal needs. Many will have moved offices for clients multiple times and will be able to offer advice on what needs to be done. They will know the best way to pack away the office’s electronic equipment or office furniture so that it does not get damaged and will also offer more than enough insurance coverage for everything in the office.

When moving offices in cities such as the capital, London, it is vital you choose the right removal service for your needs. With so many businesses in the city, office moves are a frequent occurrence but there is also the matter of the famous London traffic to deal with – not to mention any parking or other charges you could incur. A reputable firm will know the best times to move to avoid any unexpected costs and will also know the best routes to avoid hitting traffic.

Here are some important things to consider for your office move in London.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

An office relocation needs plenty of time to formulate a move plan, let everyone know that needs to know and enlist the help of a professional removal firm. You may also need to pack away your equipment, reorganise client meetings (unless they are happy to hold them virtually), arrange for your employees to work from home if required and ask your staff for help.

A fair amount of time is three months. This gives you time to find new office space, share the details and inform staff of the layout so they can plan where staff will be sitting and where to put the equipment. Make sure to give them the positions of electrical outlets, phone lines and other things that are incredibly important to the business – the last thing they want to be doing is taking hours to get everything set up the other end!

Keep The Business Running

If you can, you will want to avoid any business downtime at all. Sometimes it is completely unavoidable but try to keep the business running throughout. With so many digital tools such as Slack at your disposal, it might be worth getting your employees to work remotely during the move to keep the business ticking over. You could also arrange client meetings over Zoom or Skype if the clients are happy to hold them online. However some may want to reschedule and see your new office space instead!

If this isn’t a possibility, ask if any employees can help with the move – even just having a few extra pairs of hands at the new office space setting up on move day will mean the business gets back up and running quickly. It is important that customer service doesn’t falter during the move.

Hiring An Office Removal Company In London

The capital is obviously the business epicentre and there are always businesses starting up in the city. Many grow quickly and soon find themselves outgrowing their office space. A move in London can be stressful, thanks to nightmare traffic and plenty of demand from other businesses.

With a plan and a date in mind, get office movers booked in as soon as possible – the last thing you want is delays because you booked the removal company at the last minute. It's a good idea to compare man with a van London prices online to find the best deal. You will want to take a look at their reviews – many will be competitively priced so you need to find the right removal company for you. Don’t just look for their prices but check for reviews of great service before choosing someone.

An office removal company may offer some additional services so it is worth asking what they can offer you when gathering quotes. If you are looking to move from your London office, things to consider include:

  • Cleaning – If you have to clean your current office before you leave, you need to ensure this is done – the removal company may offer this as an extra or be able to recommend an affordable but reputable company of office movers.
  • Insurance – A reputable removal company with experience of commercial moving will carry enough insurance to protect your office equipment from damage – but make sure they know what you plan to move!

  • IT migration – Almost all business have IT infrastructure that will need to be migrated over – a moving company may be able to help set up the other end but you may want to consider having some employees on hand to help.
  • Packaging – A good office removals company should be able to provide the relevant packing materials to ensure your office equipment is moved safely and securely – just let them know what you plan to move so they can give you the right stuff. It may even be worth asking if they offer a packing service!
  • Timing – You will want to avoid rush hour traffic but also weekends – many people do their house moves at this time! Speak to your removal company to find out the best time to move.