Moving House to London - Your Move To The Big City

Moving House to London - Your Move To The Big City

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Friday 14th April, 2017

Parking your Moving Van in London

Moving in London comes with some special considerations. When you hire your man and van they will need an adequate place to park, as near as possible to the entrance of the property. Although our London man and van drivers enjoy their work they’d rather not have to carry your prized wardrobe halfway down the street before they get to your new house :) Also bear in mind that a lot of roads in London are permit parking only during certain some hours, discuss this with your driver before arriving as you may be some time loading and unloading the van.

Every area in London has it’s own flavour

As you visit London and travel around you will quickly discover that every area has it’s own style and atmosphere.  The good thing about this is that whatever your interests and leanings there will undoubtedly be a place in London that will fit your.  Do your research before you move, visit areas and spend some time in them, same the evening life and the restaurants.

Moving to London to Work

London has a healthy employment sector but there are a few things to consider when working in a large city.  If you are a non-uk/non-eu national you will need the correct documentation to allow you to work and live in London.  The best source of information for this is the website.  Another aspect is travel, commuting in London can take up a fair chunk of your day if not planned correctly.  If you are travelling into London from outside the center this can take an hour, even two, each way - be sure you are happy to dedicate this much of your day when planning where to live and work.

Don’t be afraid of moving outside of your ideal London Location

London is a huge place - and an expensive one.  If you are moving to London for a job you might find that the first step is getting established outside of the central hubbub then gravitating inwards once you are more familiar with city living. 

Youn will find that houses and flat rental/purchase is beyond the majority of most peoples budgets within Zone 1, Zone 2 offers a larger span although that too can be pricey.  

Areas outside of central London often have excellent rail links that can whisk you into the center as quickly as the tubes, provided of course they are running on time! It is worth considering these locations as they will likely prove considerably more affordable, although you will find prices rise again the closer to a station your prospective property is.

Budget for your London Move

Living in London is a generally expensive experience, from beer to sandwiches everything will doubtless be more than you are accustomed to if coming from outside the city.  Budget for your London Man and Van hire as a one off and then look at how much you will need for food, clothes, going out etc.  With what's left take a look at property affordability in the areas you'd like to move to.  Don't overstretch yourself, there's little point moving to London only to sit at home eating baked beans seven days a week :)

If you have your heart set on area that is just out of reach one option may be shared accommodation, as this brings down the costs considerably.  The range and type of house sharing optiuons are large, but make sure that you meet your prospective living mates before signing and be wary of sub-letting or other potential issues. 

Moving To London With a Family?

Any house move requires a deal of thought about schooling and facilities and London is no exception.  From the obvious things to the quality of the school ( offers an excellent means of finding a school by lease and catchment area) to how viable your commute is, wether to go private or state and what age admission is possible.

If you are moving to London with a family you may also want to check out our Tips for Moving Home with Children

View a property before paying

This may seem straight forward but it bears repeating, never part with any money before seeing a property in person and signing an official contract with the landlord.  If something seems to good to be true or you get a bad feeling then walk away, there will always be somewhere else to view.

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