Moving Your Office To London

Moving Your Office To London

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Friday 25th March, 2022

If you are looking to grow your business even more, sometimes a new office space can be exactly what you need. With plenty more room for employees, dedicated space for meeting clients or even cheaper rental costs, a new office space can be so beneficial to a business and encourage growth. Whilst the move is exciting, the job of moving from one location to another can be very stressful.

Moving house is a stressful experience but that is nothing compared to moving a whole office space from one place to another. A business cannot have too much downtime which means your equipment needs to be back up and running as soon as possible – time is truly of the essence, and you don’t want to let your staff or your clients down.

It is important to plan ahead when moving office space – pack away the least essential things in the run up to the move and make sure your staff help with the packing – or get them to work from home if you think that would be easier. Remaining in charge of an office and staff as well as moving is a stressful experience for anyone!

An experienced removal company is a great option for office removals. There are many companies and men with vans out there who will have done these types of removals time and time again. They will know exactly how to move in an efficient way and will perhaps even know how to pack away certain important items. A reputable business will also carry enough insurance to cover all the equipment.

In London, it can be tough to know which removal service is best. There are many business offering this service and you will want to ensure you find the right one. You want a removal service that not only is experienced and has great reviews but also knows their way around the city to avoid traffic and any potential fines for parking where they shouldn’t!

Here are the top things you should be considering if you are planning an office removal in time:

First of all, make sure you leave plenty of time and plan ahead – three months is the perfect amount. The longer you have to plan, the smoother the moving process should be. Inform your staff of the moving date and enlist their help in packing away equipment, rescheduling client meetings and volunteering on the day. It is important that your managers and staff know where the new office space is and what space it has, as well as the layout. You will want to make sure you have a plan of where everyone will be sitting, where equipment will go and where things like phone lines and outlets are. If you leave this until the day of the move, expect utter chaos!

If you want to keep your business ticking over whilst the move is happening, have some or all staff working remotely and utilise the digital tools you have at your disposal to automate what can be automated. However, if this is not an option, have your staff help on the day to help get the job done quicker. You may want to keep client meetings so these would have to be remote but if you can convince them to reschedule and visit your new space, this is often the better option.


With the potential of awful traffic in the capital and plenty of demand for removal companies, you will want to plan in advance and hire someone weeks or months before the actual move. What do you need to think about when hiring a company?

  • Packing> You might be able to hire a removal company who offers the necessary and correct packaging for your equipment and may even help you pack it.
  • Insurance >They should have enough cover for all of your equipment – ask before hiring what cover they have.
  • Cleaning >Do you need to clean the office you are leaving? A removal company may offer this as an extra service or be able to suggest a reputable company to use.
  • When? There is always plenty of traffic and demand for removal companies in London but weekends tend to be better to avoid both of these.
  • Technology – All businesses rely on technology nowadays. With the need for IT, you will want to ensure that the company can help you get up and running again in your new office space.

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