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Moving House In Bad Weather - Tips For a Succesful Move

Moving House In Bad Weather - Tips For a Succesful Move

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Monday 18th April, 2022

What time of year do you think is the best time to move house? If you were to ask someone who does them regularly, they are almost certain to say summer. Summer usually means warmer and drier weather which makes moving house a breeze compared to days with awful weather.

There are many reasons why awful weather conditions can complicate a moving day. Not only are they not nice but certain weathers such as frost, heavy rain, wind, and snow can also be quite hazardous for those helping you move. The roads may be a little dangerous but there’s also a risk of them hurting themselves when moving your possessions. If the weather is really bad, they may even request that you delay the move until it is over!

The possibility of this happening may add to the stress of your move day but it is unlikely to happen. However, if it does, professional moving companies will know how to get around them if needs be. Sometimes the move can still happen – they just need to change the route or obtain more insurance. They will be checking the weather predictions just as much as you are in the run up to your move.

Should you still move during nasty weather, here are some top tips for moving to ensure you are prepared.

Bear The Season In Mind

If you are choosing to move house in the winter or the spring, then the chances of horrible weather are higher. So it is a good idea to bear the season in mind when planning your move.

Check Both Weather and Travel Forecasts

If it seems like bad weather is imminent, you will want to check what the weather forecast will be like locally on your moving day – for both where you are moving from and moving to. You should also check the traffic reports for the route you will be taking and have a plan should your route be closed due to hazardous conditions. Any removal company you hire should be able to help you prepare for dealing with bad weather.

Is It Accessible?

How accessible are both properties? If the road you live down is a difficult or tight one, your movers may struggle -especially in poorer weather. Try and keep walkways clear and ensure the movers can get to your possessions easily. If you have stairs, let them know in advance. These are tricky enough to navigate in good weather so will be quite dangerous in poorer weather conditions.

Clean Clean Clean

If it has rained or snowed, there’s a chance your removers may have mud or slush on their shoes. Keep cardboard or towels or mats around for the removers to walk on and keep it as clean as possible between them coming in. You will want to ensure it is clean for when you move houses – you might want to consider a local cleaner!

Where Can They Park?

Will there be parking immediately outside or will they have to park further away? Is it free or will they have to pay? This should be planned in advance once you have your move date and it is recommended to find space as close as possible – especially if the weather is rubbish.

Keep Belongings Safe

It is already a worry when we have to move fragile stuff. Add treacherous conditions into the mix and that worry increases. During awful weather, your removers may need to use more manpower or different equipment. Hopefully, with enough time to plan in advance, all eventualities will be covered.

You will want to make sure your belongings are completely safe and secure when packed – obtain some free cardboard boxes from local shops and seal with plenty of packing tape. Make sure fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap. Cover furniture and bag up clothes and make sure everything is protected from the elements. The last thing you want is water damage or other damage on your items!

What Coverage Should They Have?

Don’t forget your chosen removal company will provide insurance and they should be able to provide adequate coverage for the day of your move. Make sure the removal companies you choose from do have this! They will generally be covered for goods in transit insurance and public liability insurance. However they may need to buy extra insurance or they may require you to pay an additional waiver to avoid any fees for a delay caused by the weather.

Remember that experienced removal companies have faced many problems so will probably have dealt with this too. The one you choose should have a poor weather policy in place if you have to reschedule because you absolutely cannot move.

What Should I Consider On The Day Of The Move?

Ensure you have access to waterproof shoes and clothes if the weather is going to be awful. Wake up early on the day of your move and check both the weather reports and the traffic reports. If they are reporting certain weather conditions, the move may be cancelled and rescheduled – the removers will let you know if it is safe to proceed.

When moving house in these horrific weather conditions, you must go slowly as the roads won’t be as safe – you might need to add some extra time to your schedule!

Finally check your insurance policies to ensure you are covered. You might not be able to drive in certain weathers or your belongings may not be covered. Check your coverage and check the coverage of your removal company before you do anything. That time you spend checking could save you so much money in the long run!

Moving in bad weather isn’t impossible but it can be stressful so it is important to be prepared for any eventuality.