Things To Consider Before Moving House

Things To Consider Before Moving House

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Monday 6th January, 2020

Did you ever wish you had a simple guide on everything to consider before moving?

There are a lot of things to consider before moving.

Finding the right place to move into already takes up a lot of your time and energy. Once this is done, and you are actively planning your move, there are still tasks left to cross off a long list.

A guide through those steps is essential and will help you keep your move moving!

What should I think of before moving to a new house?

If you are planning to move, you probably have a long list of things to do in your mind. Indeed, moving house is time consuming and can increase stress and fatigue.

At Switch Plan, the experts advise to proceed with some sort of checklist of things to do in the right order. By having the list you will already feel relieved, and by crossing things off the list you will get a sense of accomplishment and feel satisfied. Which is why making the list is an essential step.

Here’s what you need to remember:

  • notify your current landlord (if applicable) of a leave
  • break your current lease and/or find new tenants if needed
  • notify your energy supplier that you are moving and the date you would like the energy to stop functioning

Does the place I move into matter?


Your guide and checklist will change according to the type of place you move into.

If you are moving into a rented place, then you might want to check with your landlord about the energy supplier. There are several situations:

  • your landlord pays the supplier and the cost of energy is included in your rent: in that case this should be specified on your new lease
  • you’re the one in charge of paying for your own energy consumption: in that case you can decide the supplier and the offer you want

If you are moving into a place that you bought, you also have two main cases.

First one, it is an apartment in a building, or a house bought from someone. In that case you won’t have a problem getting energy and should ask the previous owners about their supplier or the contract they subscribed to.

Second possibility, it is less common. You have built or want to have your own house built. If that is the case Switch Plan strongly advises to gather as much information as possible before starting construction, to make sure you are building a place in a location where you will be able to get energy.

What should I do about my energy supplier?

In the case where you are satisfied with your supplier, you don’t have to start looking for another one and you can just keep your current offer. In order to do so, you need to end your contract at the date you are leaving your location and start a new one when you arrive at the new location.

Your supplier needs to be notified of a change of location as early as possible.

In the case where you decide to change supplier, the experts at Switch Plan advise you to use a team of professionals to guide you through it.

They can:

  • help you evaluate your consumption
  • compare your offer to the other ones in the market
  • decide if you should switch and save you money

Switching energy suppliers is actually really common and is much easier than we think. It can happen because people feel like they are either paying too much for what they consume or because they dislike the way they are treated as clients by the supplier.

You can learn some more about switching energy suppliers in this article.