Moving Home - How Long Will It Take?

Moving Home - How Long Will It Take?

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Saturday 2nd April, 2022

We all know that moving house is an incredibly big and stressful job and the planning takes quite some time. You don’t want to be leaving everything until the last minute! But did you know how long it takes to move house?

The truth is it will vary on a case by case basis. Moving from a tiny studio apartment will be completely different to moving from a four bedroom home. Properties of different sizes will have different things o pack up. You also have to consider location as that will also have a bearing on how long your move takes.

When planning your move, you will need to consider all of this when trying to work out how long you will need to move house. This information will also need to be shared with your removal company so they can offer a good estimate of how long it may take. They may be able to offer a fair price for the time suggested.

What Is The Average Time It Takes To Move House?

The whole process usually takes many weeks as there is plenty to arrange. There is the signing of documents, the packing of your items and the booking of different firms. However the actual move from property A to property B will probably take a day or less.

The best way to work out the time you have to move is to utilise a checklist. But what things should you include on this checklist?

  • Book the time off work – Speak to your employer as soon as you can to book the day off.
  • Paperwork and documentation – Make sure you have all of the paperwork ready for the move. Sign any contracts that need signing, get any paperwork changed that needs to be.
  • Changing Utilities – Get in contact with your energy, media, and water services to inform them of your moving date and a forwarding address. Make sure you also take meter readings on the day you move.
  • Packing Possessions – List everything that you need to pack and work out what you can get rid of by selling or donating. Then work out how you are going to pack the items and what rooms you are going to start with.
  • Book Removal Companies – It can sometimes seem tough to find reputable but affordable removal companies but the sooner you do it, the better prices you will be able to find. By researching in advance, you will be able to pick from a variety of reputable companies and find the best company for your needs.

How Long Do Arrangements Take?

This depends on whether your move is to a rental property or a property you have bought. There are a few things you need to wait for before you can actually move.

These include:

Mortgage Approval

 Getting a mortgage is an important part of a move but can take quite some time. Many people find a property and then apply for a mortgage for that property. It is important to speak to an experienced mortgage broker who can help give you an unbiased selection of mortgage offers and to help you with the paperwork. Mortgage approval can take anywhere up to 8 weeks to go through so make sure you get your paperwork as early as you can.

Selling Your Property

There is no average time for selling your property. Some properties can sell before they’ve even made it online, others take quite a while to be sold. Utilising an estate agent will see your property live on the big property websites in just a day or two. They will also be able to find potential buyers from their database of people looking for a home. Selling a home can take between 4-10 weeks.

Buying A New Property

Searching for a new property can be time-consuming and stressful. You can search online using websites such as Rightmove or Zoopla or you can visit local estate agents. Local estate agents may be the best bet if you are looking to buy locally, especially as they will be able to share properties with you that haven’t yet been put online. Make sure to sign up with a few different agencies. Finding a new property can take up to 10 weeks or maybe even more, especially when properties are going so quickly!

If you find a property you would like, you need to make an offer as soon as possible. This process can take a couple of weeks and they may not opt for your offer.


This is the part where all the necessary paperwork is completed to transfer the ownership of the new property to you. Make sure you use a professional for this job to ensure errors are avoided. You should also book a surveyor who will take just a few hours to identify any problems with the property before you actually move in.