Popular House Moving Myths Debunked

Popular House Moving Myths Debunked

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Wednesday 6th April, 2022

There are many myths when it comes to moving house. These are the stories that we have all heard, the ones we tend to believe even if we haven’t seen the evidence for ourselves. The stress of a move is so distracting that we often forget that others have been through the same situation and may even be going through it simultaneously.

Your friends and family will definitely have their own stories about moving house – many of which will be true and that you should take on board. However it is so easy to encounter the common moving house myths that have been floating around for many years now. It is important we avoid falling for these myths and potentially making mistakes.

Here are a few of the common myths about moving house that you shouldn’t believe.

You Should Pack Weeks In Advance

You might want to get everything done well in advance but there are certain things that should be packed last minute. Pack away the non-essential items first but leave the essential items until just before you move and have them easily accessible.

Instead of getting everything packed in advance, take the time leading up to the move to declutter too! Then you will have less to pack overall.

However, just because you are decluttering, don’t get rid of the stuff you will probably need in the future. It is tempting to get rid of stuff in the run up to the move but don’t make the mistake of throwing or donating stuff that you will need to replace.

I Can Do It Myself For A Cheaper Price

So many people fall for this one. With so many costs to pay, it may be tempting to attempt the move yourself however it often works out more expensive to do it this way. It is what is known as a false economy. You will probably have to hire a vehicle to transport your possessions, book time off work for the move (which may take longer than professional movers if doing it alone), pay for packaging materials.

It is tempting to ask family and friends to help too but they will not be insured so if something goes wrong and either they get injured or your belongings get broken, it could prove rather costly.

Financially, a professional removal company often works out to be a better deal after all of the expenses are considered. Make sure you obtain quotes from a few different providers and get a fair price.

Waiting To Sign Up To Council Tax

It is a huge misconception that the longer you wait to sign up to your local authority, the less Council Tax you will have to pay. This is completely wrong and will mean you will end up in arrears and have to pay more each month to catch up. They may even ask you to pay a lump sum and provide proof of the date you moved in.

Get registered immediately for peace of mind.

Friday Is The Best Day To Move

It may seem like Friday is the best day to move as it is often the most convenient. The weekend is a great time to get your new home unpacked but that doesn’t mean it is actually the best day!

With everyone else having the same idea, Fridays are often incredibly busy which means you will find it hard to book removal companies – especially if booking it all in last minute.

A day in the middle of the week will often be easier to book and is usually much more affordable too. Just ensure whatever day you move; you allow plenty of time for traffic.

You Don’t Need To Get A Home Survey

This is a big no no. If you are buying a property, you need to know everything you can about its condition. This I not only required for obtaining a mortgage but it also protects you in the long run.

If there is a damp problem or foundation problem, you need to know before you buy so there’s a chance for it to be rectified. This could prove costly if you don’t find out about it until later on. There are different types of survey so make sue you get the right one for your property. For an older home or one that needs a lot of work, you may want to get a full structural survey to ensure you are getting the full story.