End Of Tenancy Cleaning Guide

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Guide

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Monday 4th April, 2022

You are expected to return the property to the state it was at when you first moved in or the landlord can make suitable deductions to the deposit. These deductions could be because of minor damage, pests, or failure to keep the property clean.

It can be difficult to get a property looking exactly as it did when it was first let out to you which is why you find many cleaning companies offering an end of tenancy cleaning service. They will clean the house to a standard that is on par with everything listed in your inventory report. This ensures there is less chance of your landlord being able to make deductions.

You can, of course, clean the property yourself as long as you have the time to do so. Your landlord or the letting agent will be thorough in checking the property so you need to be extremely thorough when cleaning it. Here’s a quick checklist to help guide you through your end of tenancy cleaning.

What Items Do You Need?

You will either need to buy or rent the items required. These include:

  • Vacuum cleaner for all the dust and dirt that may be around
  • Bin bags to put all the rubbish in
  • Window cleaner to ensure windows and mirrors are clean and streak free
  • Cleaning solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring
  • Polish for metal and wood items

What Do You Need To Clean?

Obviously, you need to clean the entire property but it is definitely worth paying special attention to certain areas. Many of these areas get missed or rushed because you are focusing your attention elsewhere.

  • Windows Make sure you are cleaning them both inside and out!
  • Doors The handles need special attention as these are most used but you also need to wipe off any marks and oil hinges if they are squeaking.
  • Ceilings These often get missed simply because you don’t look at them all the time! Use a long handled duster to dislodge any dust from the ceiling onto the floor and hoover it up.
  • Walls Wipe off any marks and paint over them if they cannot be wiped off.
  • Carpets Scrub any stains on them – maybe even hire a carpet cleaner if you need them!
  • Tiles Scrub the tiles and remove any grout – this should be a fairly simple job.
  • Wooden floors Hoover then mop them. You cannot mop laminate flooring however!
  • Curtains These might be washable or might be dry clean only – it is worth considering getting these washed!
  • Fixtures and fittings Dust and polish them and leave them sparkling clean.

Cleaning A Bathroom

A bathroom often needs more care and attention the other rooms. It is important to be thorough in this job and ensure it is adequately ventilated whilst cleaning.

You need to make sure the bathtub, toilet and sink are all sparkling clean plus the shower head, tiles, surfaces, and mirrors. Some parts of the room may just need a wipe down but those that are used regularly will need some extra attention.

Cleaning A Kitchen

A kitchen is another room in the house that needs a little extra TLC. It may be tempting to wipe down just the worktops but the cupboards need clearing out and cleaning as do any included white goods.

The things you need to give extra attention to are the sink, worktops, hob, oven, cupboards, white goods, and flooring. You want to ensure the kitchen looks like it is as brand new as possible!

Hiring For End of Tenancy Cleaning

You may not have the time to clean your property on your own so the alternative is to hire a professional cleaner or cleaning company. Many cleaners in the area will offer this service and will have everything required to clean the property from top to bottom.

You will need to tell them how many rooms there are, the size of the property and what types of flooring you have. Make sure you do your research to find a reputable cleaner and book in advance so you can get a decent slot close to your moving out date. Make sure you keep a record of your hire in the case of a dispute with your landlord.