How To Find A Cheap Furniture Delivery Service

How To Find A Cheap Furniture Delivery Service

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Saturday 9th April, 2022

There are plenty of places you can buy furniture, whether you are buying online or in person. There will be plenty of different styles available and all budgets will be catered for. There are even reliable and popular furniture stores such as Ikea who offer a furniture courier service if you spend over a certain amount.

However you may not always be able to get your furniture delivered, especially if you are buying a second-hand item of furniture. You might have to arrange delivery of it yourself or enlist the help of a furniture delivery service instead. Such a service will see experienced, professional, furniture delivery companies collect the furniture from the pickup point, transport it to its destination, and then unload it too.

Always check out reviews from previous customers, established transport companies will be happy to showcase their customer service. They will be experienced in furniture removals and have full insurance for both their vehicles and your possessions so that you can be sure all eventualities are covered and they will have the equipment and manpower required if the furniture is a little heavy or awkward to move.

Some can offer next day furniture delivery services but this does need to be arranged with enough time to pick up and transport the furniture. You will need a pickup time convenient to everyone and this can sometimes work out quite expensive if you haven’t budgeted accordingly. If you know you are going to want next-day delivery, have an idea in mind of which delivery provider you are going to use before you make the purchase! When looking

Here are some things you need to think about if you are considering booking a next-day furniture delivery service.

Know What Needs To Be Transported

It is important that you know exactly what is being transported. If you can’t be there to measure it yourself, ask the seller for the specifications so you can let the delivery service know. They need to make sure they are able to actually transport it once there and that they don’t need to call in extra manpower or equipment.

You can usually find specifications online when you receive quotes, but don’t hesitate to ask the seller if you are unsure. The things the delivery provider will need to know are the weight of the furniture (will they need special equipment?) size (how big is the item going to be and will it fit in their vehicle?), value (for insurance purposes), day (the day you need it moved to see if they can help you).

Sometimes you might even want to let them know the brand – some delivery providers collect from certain brands regularly and may be able to contact the company on your behalf. By telling the delivery provider this information, you can save yourself a lot of time and money.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of next-day furniture delivery service will vary, depending on a few different factors. Prices vary across the UK for such a service but the price may also vary depending on how far the delivery provider needs to transport the item and how big the item is. You might have to pay a little extra for specialist items – the provider may need to add extra to their insurance. Always ask them about any extra fees when getting your furniture courier quote.

Many big brands offer their next-day furniture delivery to a local store free of charge but they will charge to bring it to your property. Sometimes hiring a local furniture delivery service in your area works out much cheaper.

Furniture delivery rates vary, but an average price delivery is around the £65 mark for furniture transport, as long as the item is not too heavy and doesn’t require a massive amount of manpower. If it is really heavy or extremely valuable, this could cost a few hundred pounds. Office furniture and large items may have extra costs associated, as might be true if you are moving an especially valuable item.

If you are looking to save money on such a service, then you could opt for more time for delivery and avoid next-day delivery too. This could save you quite a bit of money and give you time to get organised and at home to receive the delivery.

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