York - Moving From Tang Hall to London

York - Moving From Tang Hall to London

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Driver Dan

Thursday 15th April, 2021

We are booked for nice little job from Tang Hall Estate in York to the smoke of London, down South. A three-bedroom house, to be packed and moved by Man and Van York and then driven carefully to London.

We arrive on time ,and our task begins. The four man loading crew are experienced professionals and the two giant moving vans are filled over a period of four hours.

At last we are ready to leave and we head off followed by our customer, and he waves goodbye to his favourite watering hole, the Besswing Ale house on Hull Road.

In no time we are on the A1 and heading for London, the two giant vans of the Man and Van York speed effortlessly down the yellow brick road to London.

Two hundred miles click by and as the afternoon approaches we arrive at Clapham. Parking is found and the Giant Vans are being unloaded.

The customer introduces himself to his new neighbours,

"Why didn't you use a local Man and Van Clapham?" one of them asks.

"No lad , Find My Man and Van cover the whole of the UK, they do Clapham as well and the prices can't be beaten!"