The Ultimate Student Moving Checklist

The Ultimate Student Moving Checklist

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Driver Dan

Sunday 6th November, 2022

So, you want to move house as a student. It’s definitely a big adventure, but there are a couple of different things that you can do to make it easier.

If you’re going to move house successfully, then you should probably get yourself a house moving checklist. It’s a good idea for any student that wants to move and not have to deal with big problems.

So, let’s get started and take a look.

Basic Tips - Box Smart and Get Practical

When it comes to trying to move to university, there are two rules that you should keep in mind. First of all, your moving experience will be a thousand times easier if you box things in the correct way. Second of all, you do not need to bring your entire bedroom with you.

If you don’t know how to box things up in the most efficient way, then this is the time to learn. There are plenty of tutorials out there, so go watch one on YouTube. With regards to what to take with you though, that’s where the checklist comes in handy.

University Documents

The first important items to take off the checklist will be university documents. Understandably, you need this to get back to university, so let’s take a look at what needs to come with you.

You need your accommodation contract, the information contained within it, and the terms of your lease. You also need your driver's license, your passport, and any other recognised form of identification that you have. You need to bring your bank account details, bank card, car insurance documents, bank debit card, loan documents if they are necessary, national insurance number, and student discount cards.


It’s probably the case that you want to bring some electronic items with you to university. That’s pretty normal, so here is a list of the things you should consider.

You should aim to bring your mobile phone, its charger, your laptop and charger, extension leads, adapters, hair dryer where applicable, an external hard drive, and extension leads. These will all be used and needed while you’re studying.


Clothing is, naturally, a normal part of the university experience. It’s really important that you try and make sure you pack the right clothing for your needs.

You should make sure that you have full outfits, including some level of business wear if you have it for applying for jobs or attending important meetings. You don’t need to take your full wardrobe with you, but you still need to have enough clothing to maintain a suitable range of options for every weather condition.

Toiletry Supplies

Obviously, it’s important to think about things like toiletry supplies. They do make a big difference. You should have things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant, perfume, razors, clippers, shampoos, conditioner, skincare, make up if you have it - anything you use everyday.

Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen supplies are obviously going to be an important part of what you do at university and it is not just about taking the time to cook food - you need the tools to do so, they’re usually not provided.

This means that you need to think about things like pots and pans, cutlery, plates, mugs, dishes, cooking, utensils, sharp knives, and anything else that you will need to prepare food while you are at university. These are definitely all essentials, so it’s important to make sure that you get them right.

Mod Cons

Modern comfort, so what makes living away an enjoyable experience, so it’s important to bring what you need with you. This means things like a duvet, pillows, your alarm clock, bedsheets, blankets, cushions, and anything else that makes you feel at home and relaxed. You want to try and replicate the home experience as closely as possible while you are living away, so if you use it every day, bring it with you.

Self Storage

Unfortunately, you really do need to think about self storage quite a bit when you are thinking about going away. Unless you want to try and bring everything back home with you for holidays, you need to consider self storage options. It’s important to have a reliable place to keep things, so do a bit of a search in the local area and see if there’s any storage units you can use.

Find A Reliable Mover

Lots of people moved to university with a transit van. It’s a very common thing to do, and it does pay dividends later on, because it opens up a whole world of opportunities involving things like jobs in places you can go. However, if you’re going to do this, you should get the best price you can, we recommend using a moving comparison site like Find My Man and Van.

Preparing to move is good, because it means that you take care of all the little problems in a reliable way, selecting a reliable moving service is a big part pf that process.

Final Thoughts

So, when it comes to things like moving to university, it’s important to have a checklist of different things that you need to keep in mind. Moving to university is a big adventure, which is why it’s very important to make sure that you have the resources that you need, and that you have planned your move successfully. It doesn’t take a lot to sit down and create a checklist of everything you need to bring, but these are some of the most important items.

Generally speaking, the basic rule with moving to university is that if you use the item on a regular basis, it should probably come with you. This helps to replicate daily life as much as possible, and gives you all the tools that you need to get the best results. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind, and it does pay dividends later. Trust us when we say it, you’ll be glad you planned.