10 Tips For Moving To London

10 Tips For Moving To London

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Driver Dan

Monday 31st October, 2022

If you want to move to London, it’s important to understand there are many different things to keep in mind. Moving to London is an amazing adventure, but at the same time, it’s not as straightforward as just packing your bags and deciding to go.

There are definitely things to think about, and a few tips on moving house to London wouldn’t go amiss. Luckily, we’ve put together 10 of them for you:

1 - Go For Experiences Not Lifestyles

We heavily recommend that you go for experiences, and not try for a specific lifestyle. London can become a very expensive place to live on a regular basis, which is why many people choose to have individual experiences, based around the idea of sampling everything life has to offer.

2 - Pick Your Area Carefully

As a city, London is very large. It is split up into boroughs, and each borough has a different price range and lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to choose the borough which works for you. Carefully study the price range of each in order to find what works for you.

3 - The Barrier of Slang

You may not think too much about language when you try to move to London, because it’s right next door to half of the country, but the truth is that London operates on a very unique language all its own, and that is slang.

London has a lot of slang terms that are used freely by the general public, and these can be very confusing if you’re not familiar with them. It’s worth taking a quick Google to try and find out some of the common ones, and if you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask somebody, most people are polite and helpful.

4 - Community

London is a diverse city which prides itself on having bits of every culture. This means it’s quite easy to find a community that resonates with you and your values or hobbies. Finding a community makes the move a lot easier, because you have some common interests and the chance to make friends.

5 - Remember to Go Places

London is an amazing city which is huge. You could spend weeks exploring it and still only discover a fraction of the number of hidden details. However, it’s important to remember that you should get out of London occasionally, and go back out into the countryside. London has many attractive park areas, but these do not compensate for a proper country experience.

6 - Don’t Drive

One of the big benefits that people don’t really talk about often enough when moving to London, is the fact that you don’t actually have to drive anymore. London has one of the most well developed, extensive transport links in the country, and you can get everywhere in the city without having to drive a car.

So, not only can you cut down on your carbon footprint, but you can also save a bit of money, because you don’t have to own the car, pay road, tax, or pay for insurance.

7 - There’s Not a Lot of ChitChat

London is a big, diverse city. This isn’t a problem, as such, but you have to understand that most people see thousands of other people every day just moving about the city. That means that there isn’t a whole lot of time for small talk. Most people won’t stop and talk to you while they’re waiting in line for the shop or crossing the road. It’s not that they’re being rude, it’s just the culture of London. Everybody has places to go and people to meet, and while you do get a percentage of people who are quite chatty, most people simply just don’t acknowledge you because they don’t even see you in the crowd.

8 - Register Your Important Stuff

When it comes to moving to London, it’s very important that you register all the important information that you need to live in the city. This means changing your address across-the-board, registering with the closest GP, and making sure that you change your residence so that you can vote in your new area.

9 - Get Connected

Social media is a great tool because it gives you access to a lot of different ways to do things. It’s easy to use, and many people find that when they move to London, they join one of the many social media communities that exist. These give you information about local events, taking place, friendly places to go, people who are looking to meet other people, and a bunch of opportunities to connect with the local community, and the city as a whole.

10 - Enjoy the Experience

When it comes to life in London, the best thing that you can do is just kick back and enjoy the experience. London is an amazing place, and it has so much to offer, so the best thing you can do is embrace your brand-new life there.

10 - Enjoy the Experience

When it comes to moving to London, you’ll join thousands of people who are all prepared to seek out a brand-new life of opportunity in the city. The best thing that you can do, therefore, is to explore all of the options that are available.

London is a magnificent place that is home to countless people, experiences, cultures, and attitudes. You’ll find a community that fits you with very little problem, and that’s amazing. The best thing that you can do is plan carefully, make sure that you’ve got the right moving company to help you get up there, and just enjoy this new life that you have the opportunity to start, because it really will be absolutely amazing.

There are so many different things that you can do in London. It’s not exactly difficult to see why people move there. Just make sure that you plan it out right, because your life will be much easier if you have a proper moving plan in place. At the end of the day, it gets a lot easier when you are prepared to experiment.