Moving in Liverpool with Find My Man and Van

Moving in Liverpool with Find My Man and Van

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Mover Mike

Tuesday 12th January, 2021

Moving home with pets can be a difficult business and there are plenty of things to do before the removal van arrives.  Recently we had a job moving some reptile homes in the Liverpool area.  The golden rule is to transport your pets before the moving van arrives if you can, make sure they are as distressed as little as possible and take some of their favourite things with them. 

Fortunately the owner in this case had done just that and all we had to do was load up the tanks into the back of the van, along with some assorted equipment, and transport them to their new home.  If you do need a man with a van to move pets, in Liverpool,London or anywhere else in the UK - you can get instant man with a van quotes online at Find My Man and Van.