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Driver Dan (and his little white van)

Sunday 4th November, 2018

Man with a van - which van?

Living in the Liverpool area, moving soon, can't decide on the size of van you require when you order your Liverpool Man with a van? Lets take a quick look at the options, a single item, boxes, bags of clothes etc, you need man and van with a small van? You are a student for example, living in a single room, small amount of your own furniture, you need - a regular or normal sized man with a van!! Next, you live in terraced house  with some of your own furniture, but you have the average amount of clothes, books, cooking equipment etc  you will need - the man with a van with a large van!!  Next a house, flat with bedrooms, you have furniture and white goods, lots of clothes, and an assortment of nick knacks you need - the man with a van with his Giant van.!!!