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Sofa Move by London Man and van

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Driver Dan (and his little white van)

Monday 5th April, 2021

The call comes in, a £20,000 sofa, to be delivered to an address in SW1. No problem we at London Man and Van do this every day of the week. The Moving van collects the light blue sofa from a shop in Chelsea, and we quickly arrive at the delivery address in SW1. A quick inspection reveals something, the only way to gain entry is via a glass roof. To say it is a little off putting standing on a glass roof would be an understatement, but the designer informs us that it is rated at over a 5 ton. Although some of the chaps might be carrying a little around the waste, the weight issue was never crossed. With the ease of flabby ballet dancers the Sofa is danced out of the van across the glass roof and into the lounge, in all five minutes from start to finish. Yet an other memory for the London Man and Van scrap book!!!