London - A Rocking Item Move

London - A Rocking Item Move

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Driver Dan

Wednesday 14th April, 2021

Last night was an exciting one for Mover Mike and myself, we had a man and van London job, texted through by Find My Man and Van a couple of days before so we had all the details ready to go.  This is an out of hours job , starting at 11:30 in the evening but the life of a man and van driver can be a 24 hour experince sometimes, so we're bright as buttons and ready for the work. We fire up the van and drive down to central London, it's busy this time of night and the sights and sounds of nighttime London are as exilerating as always.  Finally we pull up outside the pub and Mike pops in, not for a pint mind you, this is work time!

After a while he emerges once more with 4 leather clad rockers in tow, all carrying black boxes and cases. 

"We'll need a couple more trips to the van and back man, the drums are still inside," the lead guy informs me between puffs on his cigartte.

I follow them in to the dimly lit interior, haul a large cylindrical case into my arms and back out into the cool night air to load it into the van. 

Finally we are all done, "Where to?" I ask.

"Home man, home to party!" comes the reply.

So we drive across london, down to Battersea, unload the gear into their flat, politely decline the invitation to 'rock all night' and make our merry way home. Man and Van work in London is never dull, that's for sure :)