A Clapham Student Move

A Clapham Student Move

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Find My Man and Van

Thursday 15th April, 2021

Find My Man and Van London arrive at the Clapham address, and park with ease,<

"That’s lucky," driver nick says to his helper, "I normally have to drive around for hours trying to find somewhere to park."

The student opens the door and motions to inside of his flat with a sweep of his arms, "that’s all I want moved."

He points to a small heap of belongings, wehich is loaded in a jiffy.

The destination was a mere one and a half miles away so we are quickly there.

While unloading the customer comments, "I tried to find a local Man and Van in Clapham, but none were actually local. But by using your web site Find My Man and Van London, this was not a problem. I had lots of options, and chose you, the well known Man and Van Clapham extraordinaire."