Cambridge  - Moving Items Carefully

Cambridge - Moving Items Carefully

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Driver Dan

Thursday 8th April, 2021

Another day, another interesting move. We arrive at the Music school and are brought into a large Harry Potter like hall, pride of place is a very large harp. The musician is present and shakes our hands,

"Very nice to meet you, you are from Cambridge Man with a Van? I've heard only good things and you come highly recommended!"

The harp is examined, and the Harpist then explains the main problem with moving the harp. Apart from being very large, it is top heavy and will fall over if allowed.

The Harp is easily moved to the Moving Van, a large Luton Van, and placed inside. With the supervision of the musician, the harp is tied off in the van so that its ability to fall over is mitigated. The short trip to the music venue is lightened by the harpist singing various Beatles songs, with the driver and assistant joining in with the chorus of various classics. The unload is carried out, Harp in place, Harpist happy, Cambridge Man with a Van to the rescue again!<