A Cambridge Removal

A Cambridge Removal

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Mover Mike

Thursday 31st March, 2022

The Professor looks over his thickly rimmed glasses to view his students, "The cream of the crop," he thinks to himself.

"Well children, your assignment is basic; as you all know students in Cambridge move regularly, I have a task for you, please look to your e-mail," he presses the send button.

Instantly heads turn to a myriad of electronic devices, emails are opened are the following is revealed.

Find a Cambridge Man and Van

The service provider must be :-

  1. A local Cambridge man and van, (The term 'man and van' will be explained in the appendix).
  2. That can be booked online, no human contact required.
  3. You must be given a selection of van types.
  4. You must be given a selection of different removal van drivers, and prices.
  5. You must be able to book in advance of your flat move and select the time suitable for yourself.
  6. Payment must be securely made online
  7. Cancellation should be possible should you no longer need the removals van

Appendix : Man and Van : a term given to a van driver who provides a suitable vehicle dependent upon the amount of goods to be moved, sufficient labour to allow the loading and unloading of said vehicle, the knowledge to both secure the goods within the moving vehicle, and the ability to navigate from the collection address to the required delivery address. Sometimes also known as the 'Man Van' or 'Man with a Van'.