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Driver Dan (and his little white van)

Saturday 15th April, 2017

Cambridge - A Heavy Furniture Move

Find my Man and Van Cambridge sent us another Cambridge based task today,

"A mere book case!" Says the customer.

The CB1 address is a large house with an endless gravel drive. We crunch down the driveway and are met by the customer. The large doors are opened for us to be confronted with a huge wooden bookcase. The bookcase must have been lined with lead, because in all my years of removals I have never lifted an item of furniture that weighed so much.

"Are the good men from Man and Van Cambridge finding my bookcase to be heavy?" asks the customer.

"It's a fine example sir, we've got it under control," comes the reply.

We then had a description of the type of wood said bookcase was constructed of, it transpired it was in fact one - if not the -heaviest types of wood in the world.