Bournemouth - Garden Plant Moves

Bournemouth - Garden Plant Moves

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Driver Dan

Monday 12th April, 2021

A man and van job in Bournemouth, down to Winton to pick up some plants (well trees and shrubs to be precise) from a rather nice house there.  I arrive and the lady comes out to greet me with a smile and a cheery wave,

"Do you fancy a cup of tea love?" she enquires.

"Not until the jobs done, but thank you," I smile back, "now let's have a look at this shrubbery."

I am lead round the side and there are five small trees, all neatly bagged up at the roots and ready for their move.

"They're apple trees, my friend in Moordown has been after some for quite a while now and I'm having the garden landscaped so I thought she'd be welcome to them. Will they be okay in the van?"

"Madam they will be as safe as if they were in the ground itself!" I tell her and carefully transport them to the moving van.

Once they are all on board and carefully strapped in I bid her farewell and a short driver later arrive and unload them at their new home.  Another man and van Bournemouth job done with no fuss from Find My Man and Van!