Moving Home Packing Materials

Moving Home Packing Materials

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Mover Mike

Sunday 11th April, 2021

Having moved numerous people with little if any effort, we at Man with a Van Battersea, thought it might be helpful to those about to move to gain some insight from the professionals. 

Moving into your new house can be unbelievably chaotic, one of the ways you can ease the process and save yourself lots of stress is to buy proper packing materials to help your move go as smoothly as possible. By buying purpose built packing materials will ensure that your items reach your new home safe and sound. Packing for a move is not something to be left to the last minute. You simply cannot pack away your entire flat in half an hour. So be prepared for some of your belongings  to be packed away for quite some time before finally being moved to your new address.

Why not wrap your fragile and precious possessions in bubble wrap and cardboard boxes waiting for the move to happen. items. Prevent breakages by having a selection of heavy duty cardboard boxes. You also need good packing tape and suitable filler to ensure nothing slides around in storage or transit.

We at Man and Van Battersea will keep the information coming, stay connected!