OPEN, SET, UP & POINT all have over ...

OPEN, SET, UP & POINT all have over 20 contextual means but the winner is RUN with 28 as follows...

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Driver Dan (and his little white van)

Thursday 11th October, 2018

A fun RUN around Liverpool...son.

1. He ran across Brunswick Road and was hit by a tram.

2. She ran a red light and was cautioned by West Mercia police

3. They took a morning run down at Liverpool docks

4. Running water has been a problem in Cairns Street

5. The street runs down to Lime Street station,

6. I’ll run you home to Bootle

7. I run this business and no-one will take Anfield away from me.

8. The van runs on diesel,

9. The play was running at The Empire for nearly 3 years.

10. A pilot on the Heathrow to Lennon airport run,

11. House price inflation is running at 10% in Toxteth

12. Intelligence runs in her family but sadly not in mine!

13. Derek Hatton will run as a Labour candidate in the next election

14. The Liverpool Echo runs some great stories but there are too many adverts.

15. He used to be a drugs runner but now he's a dog walker

16. Liverpool's spending on players will run into the millions this year.

17. There used to be a lovely Salmon run on the Mersey - about 400 years ago.

18. The luftwaffe wreaked havoc on their bombing runs to Liverpool in 1940.

19. Liverpool FC have a clear run at the title - just not this season.

20. Is Jurgen Klopp's run of bad luck about to change?

21. That run on Sterling in the 1990s was the deathnel for Liverpool manufacturing

22. Better run of play for Liverpool this season

23. Runcorn ski run is the best dry skiing in Liverpool

24. Down at Rice Lane City farm, the chicken run needed a good clean

25. Lancashire cricket team are chalking up runs left right and centre.

26. She left Cream nightclub only to discover she had running tights,

27. The B&Q at Aintree was selling very runny paint.

28. I really enjoyed the Mowgli Street Food restaurant but I had the runs all night.